Sno-Pitch Tournament Rules & Regulations

Shakespeare Men’s Club 1st Annual Snow-Pitch Tournament

 When and Where

  • Saturday, February 17th, 2018
  • Start time: 9:00 AM
  • Shakespeare Community Centre & Ball Diamonds

Tournament Basics

  • 1st games start at 9:00 AM sharp
  • There will be a 30-minute break between games
  • Tournament will be double knockout (lose 2 games and your team is out)
  • $200.00 entry fee per team, which includes access to the community centre where food and beverages will be available, as well as entry to the evening dance.
  • $50.00 deposit is due by Feb 9th to hold your spot in the tournament
  • $300.00 first place prize
  • Tournament is coed. Teams shall have a minimum of ten players.  All teams must have a minimum of four men or four women, the extra players to make ten can be of either gender.
  • Three pitch rules in effect
  • Please refer to rule sheet for complete list

In the Hall

  • Food and beverages (alcoholic and non) will be made available in the community centre
  • Food will be available from 10:30 AM until 8:00PM
    • Cheeseburgers or Chili Cheese Hot Dogs – $5.00
    • Jumbo Hot Dogs or Bowl of Chili – $4.00
    • Chips – $1.00
  • Bar will open from 11:00 AM until 11PM, hot drinks and non-alcoholic beverages will be made available all day. Coffee and hot chocolate will be provided free of charge
    • Alcoholic drinks $4.00 (19+ ONLY)
    • Budweiser, Bud Light, Baileys, Vodka, Rye
    • Outside alcohol is not permitted in the community center or on the ball diamonds
  • Music and entertainment (games, etc.) will be provided

Rules and Regulations

  1. Teams are to immediately register at the concession in the community centre upon arrival
  2. All teams will pitch for themselves. 3-pitch only – mush ball for safety
  3. The ball does not have to go past the pitcher to be considered live
  4. No lead offs are permitted
  5. Round robin games of 60 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first. No new inning will start after 55 minutes
  6. Maximum of ten runs per team per inning. Last inning is open
  7. If home team is leading at the bottom of the last inning they do not take their last bat
  8. Home team will be decided by a coin toss
  9. No bunting
  10. Runner must cross behind home plate (safe line)
  11. Sliding is allowed on all bases, including home (do not touch plate)
  12. Infield fly rule is NOT in effect
  13. Games MAY end with a tie in round robin play
  14. There will be no protests. No kneeling during the anthem
  15. Final scores must be confirmed at the diamond with the plate umpire. Scores are only to be reported by the winning team. After being approved by the plate umpire score sheets will be immediately handed in to concession in the community center
  16. No exposed jewellery
  17. There is no maximum team size, but be aware that only 14 prizes per team will be made available per winning team
  18. Bases, balls and score sheets will be provided at the concession in the community center. All other equipment will be provided by teams
  19. Catcher’s masks will be provided
  20. Coaches are responsible for making their teams aware of the rules. There will be a waiver to sign upon registration
  21. Entry fee $200.00. $50.00 deposit due by Friday February 9th will hold your teams spot in the tournament
  22. If a team fails to show up for any portion of the tournament, they may be eliminated and their registration fee is non-refundable
  23. If for some reason the tournament must be cancelled due to poor weather conditions, all teams will be refunded in full.
  24. Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis
  25. Tournament is coed. Teams shall have a minimum of ten players.  All teams will have a minimum of four men or women
  26. Batting orders shall consist of no more than two of the same sex consecutively. (i.e. male, male, female, female.  Or male, female, female, male, female etc.)
  27. If a ball is hit and then contacts the batter it is considered a dead ball. At this point the batter is ruled out and no runners will advance
  28. If a runner steps across or onto home plate instead of using the safe line they will be ruled out
  29. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases must be touched
  30. Ten players allowed on the field excluding the pitcher. 4 infield, 4 outfield, and a catcher. If both teams do not have enough players present for ten players in the field, nine per team will be permitted.
  31. There will be a minimum of four men/women on the field at all times
  32. In order to be called out at home, the catcher is to step on the plate after catching the ball, not to tag the runner
  33. If a ball is hit and either bounces over, or rolls under the designated field boundary, it will be considered a double
  34. If a ball is thrown out of play in error each runner shall advance one base only
  35. Each team may score a maximum of 6 runs per inning. Final inning is open
  36. Each team will have a limit of two home runs per game. A hit will only be considered a home run if it crosses the designated boundary while it is still in flight.
  37. All players must be listed on a batting order prior to the commencement of their game. All players will bat regardless of whether or not they play in the field
  38. Any ball contacted by the batter and caught by the catcher will be ruled an out
  39. There is no limit on courtesy runners. Runners being substituted in must be the last out of the same gender.  Once substituted in, a runner may not be removed
  40. Ties will result in extra innings. A runner will start on second, and there will be a maximum of 5 batters per team
  41. In any sport, there is always a potential risk for personal injury. Please be mindful of other players during the game.  It is each player’s sole responsibility to prevent injury during game play.  This includes proper footwear, clothing, protective equipment as required.
  42. If for any reason an umpire deems it necessary to remove a player from a game, a discussion between team captains and umpires will take place to determine whether the removed player is welcome to play in the next game (if applicable)
  43. This is intended to be a fun event for all involved, so let’s be respectful of the properties, facilities and the community
  44. Everything you bring in must leave with you. There will be no open alcohol outside of the community center.  Please do not drink and drive
  45. Please ensure that any personal items are safe and secure. The Shakespeare Men’s Club is not responsible for any lost or damaged items during this tournament.

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The Shakespeare Men's Club is a non-profit organization of men and women located in Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada.